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Your First Visit


Patients need to arrive with the Required Intake Paperwork completed fully.

All requested information is relevant. All items need to be answered, even if you do not know why/how this information is relevant. Any item not applicable should be marked with an N/A, rather than simply leaving it blank, in order to demonstrate the item was addressed, rather than accidentally omitted.

In the interest of Time Management, failure to complete the Required Intake Office Forms, in advance, will DELAY your appointment time, and could possibly even lead to the need to Reschedule the Appointment (should the schedule not be able to accommodate the delay).


After providing the completed paperwork, on your first visit, you can expect:



We do not accept everyone as a patient here in my office. To be considered I must:

1. Go through an evaluation of your condition
2. Find the cause of your condition(s)
3. Be able to Guarantee results

You will receive a Professional Consult and Preliminary Evaluation regarding the information provided on the required office intake forms. This consult and evaluation will cover past medical history as well as the current health situation.  Your health issue(s) and goals will be thoroughly discussed with you in order to ensure the best understanding of your complaint(s). This is the reason that it is very important that you Take the Time to complete the office intake forms fully and accurately. The quality of the Professional Consult and Preliminary Evaluation is dependent on the quality of the information provided.

If deemed necessary, very specific stress x-ray films will be ordered in order to pin point, measure, and determine the cause of you problems. When it comes to the importance, and crucial role of your spine and nervous system controlling your entire health, we do not guess on your health. To see is to know.



A determination will be made whether, or not, we are the correct office for you, and/or if another health care specialty is appropriate for your condition, as well.  It is important that you are addressed by the all health care providers best suited to evaluate and manage your needs, whether that be one doctor, or multiple doctors as the situation dictates.  Rest assured that Your Health is our #1 priority.

If any damage in your spine is found, which is causing/contributing to the problems that you know about, or don’t’ know about, you will be asked to schedule a special follow-up appointment called the “Doctor’s Report” . At the Doctor’s Report, Dr. Thornton will be going over:

1. What’s causing your condition.
2. How it’s affecting your health right now.
3. What the initial requirements are for being accepted as a patient.
4. What the initial cost will be.

For those reasons, you MUST have your spouse or significant other, at the report to be involved in the decisions that you will need to make.

After reviewing your case, the doctor will decide if you will be accepted as a patient and a thorough explanation of care recommendations and the action steps you need to take to obtain the results you desire. Specific information will be provided in order to inform you of the Benefits and Risks of the various treatment options available to you, including if you choose to do nothing at all. It is of Utmost Importance that you understand Benefits and Risks of any treatment option.



Once you have you committed to making your health a top priority, you will be scheduled to initiate care and start on your path to reaching your Fullest Health Potential.

Congratulations on taking the first steps to creating true wellness from within.

Remember the Quality of your Health Outcomes are based on the Quality of your Health Choices!

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